On my quest to live a truly vegan lifestyle, I have been looking at all the ways I can make being vegan fun and exciting.

One of the things I love is getting my subscription boxes in the mail. I love not knowing what is going to be inside. It’s like your birthday and you get to open a present every time you get one in the mail.

Lately, I have been looking for vegan subscription boxes and was surprised there were actually a few to pick from. You can get vegan snacks to vegan beauty products shipped to you in these cute little subscription boxes.

There are even a ton of vegan meal planning services now available. I remember when Hello Fresh first came out and my friend had ordered a vegetarian box but told me that it wouldn’t work for vegans. I was pretty bummed because I love trying these new boxes.

I went looking and found some great alternatives to the average subscription boxes with ones that offer purely vegan ingredients and cruelty free products.

Here are 6 of the ones that I am loving right now.

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Love Goodly is a subscription box that is purely vegan, non-toxic, and eco friendly. They send you vegan beauty and health products every other month in their subscription service.  This is like the vegan version of birch box.

Each box will have a mixture of full size

vegan beauty products, nontoxic skin care, and eco friendly home items.

Every other month you will get one of these great boxes. Plus, every purchase helps support causes like Animal Sanctuary.

What I love is that if you fall in love with an item, you can buy them separately on their website, so you don’t have to look all over for products that you love, and they aren’t exclusive to the box.

Since the contents of the box are supposed to be a surprise, you can’t find out what is in the next box, but they let you see past boxes to see if its right for you.


Urth Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you healthy, vegan, non GMO, organic snacks to try and enjoy. They are not just healthy granola either, there are some really fun ones in these boxes.

I love this box because it sends awesome, healthy full size snacks that I would never have tried. I get a great idea of new products to try that have become some of my favorites. They even sent out the Vegan Egg.

Boxes come in 4 different sizes, so you can choose the level of snacks you receive each month. I love how they categorize snack levels.

Check out a past box to see if Urth Box is right for you.

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Photo by graze.com


This was one of the first subscription boxes I joined. It has definitely come a long way since it beginnings.

Graze offers single serving snacks in easy to transport containers. You can choose several different sized boxes. The most popular is the 8 snacks sized box. You can eliminate items that you don’t eat like gluten or dairy.

They randomly select snacks to send you from their extensive list of snack listing. You can then go in and favorite ones you liked or check off the ones that you don’t want to receive again. My favorites are the flapjacks.

Check out the snack items listed on their website and then decide if you want to subscribe to a monthly box from them. You can also order multi-serving packages as a one time purchase on their website.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

Photo by vegancuts.com

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts is another vegan service that is similar to birch box. This one differs from Love Goodly because it offers both a snack box or beauty box. You can order both if you want a beauty and snack box.

Vegan cuts offer discounts if you order 6-12 months of boxes over 1 box at a time.

This box is definitely geared towards those who like to snack. There are so many options each month, 10+ snacks come in each box a month, with full size products.

You can take a peek at previous shipments to get an idea of what you will receive in your vegan cuts box.

photo by purplecarrot.com

Purple Carrot

Purple carrot is a weekly subscription that sends you plant based ingredients and recipes to create healthy vegan meals at home.

Purple carrot is the vegan alternative to Hello Fresh.

If you are often too busy to meal plan, this service is right for you. Purple Carrot does the work for you ahead of time by curating recipes and gathering the perfect plant based ingredients. All you have to do is put together your meals at home to have a healthy home cooked meal.

The price of Purple Carrot is less than eating out for the same number of meals.

Purple Carrot has teamed up with TB12 to provide a box that is higher in plant based protein without relying solely on soy products.

Check out some of the past recipes sent out to subscribers.


photo by thrivefoodsdirect.com

Thrive Foods Direct

Thrive Foods Direct sends you already prepared meals right to your door. All Thrive Foods Direct meals are plant based, but rely on the Thrive besting selling book series by Brendan Brazier.

Thrive Foods Direct meals are nutrient dense, plant based, whole foods delivered right to you.

You can choose from three meal plans based on your desired nutrient levels and how many meals you want delivered each week.

You can also order meals ala carte to have more control over which meals you receive.


Let me know if you try any of the subscription boxes and what your experience was like or if there is a service you have tried not listed. I always love learning about vegan programs.