Have you ever been in a food slump? I feel like I am in a vegan food slump. When I am in these moods, I tend not to get very creative with my meals and will end up eating the same foods 5 days of the week.

This is no way to keep your meals exciting. Chances are you will end up eating foods that are not so great for you and regret them later.

What I hate most about these food slumps is I know that I am not eating the best that I can. My meals are not varied enough to get me a variety of nutrients.

There are certain foods that I turn to when I am in a slump. I have been known to eat broccoli and rice for several days on end just because its easy to make and I know I like broccoli and rice.

Being in a food slump can be hard to get out of. It feels like once you are in it, you just can’t climb back out.

I have been where you are and am working my way out of one right now. These are my tried and true ways of making my way out of a food slump.

Have a set of 4-5 meals you love

How to keep your vegan meals exciting and stay out of a food slumpThis has saved me more times than I can count and has pulled me out of my food slump. I know I can pull out these meals to add a little variety to my day.

These meals should be different. In order to get the most out of your set of fall back meals, you need to have a variety otherwise when you need to call on them, you will be eating the same variation several times that week and not helping your food slump at all.

I choose meals for my set that are simple and easy to make. If I am not really in the mood to cook, I don’t want a complicated dish to keep me from eating well.

Meals that I keep ready to go are: Veggie and rice stir fries (you can keep frozen veggies on hand to keep meal planning to a minimal), Bean enchiladas which are super fast to prepare, the classic pasta and marinara with a side salad, stuffed sweet potatoes (with black beans, broccoli, and avocado dressing), and if all else fails, I will make a huge salad and put whatever seems fun at the moment on top.

Create a meal plan

This is what is going to get you started on getting out of a food slump.

By creating a meal plan, you will have your meals already selected and won’t have to think about what you want to eat when it comes time to meal time.

This really helps me to eat a variety of foods. I plan out my whole week in a simple meal planner.

Not only am I eating better than if I didn’t have a plan, but I also don’t have to ask that dreaded question of what am I going to make tonight. I have the ingredients on hand I need and am ready to go when I get hungry.

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Do some meal prep

So, you have your meal plan all set up and ready to go, but still feel like you are dragging when it comes time to prepare your meals.

My solution is to have some of the steps already done ahead of time. It will be super simple to put together your meals if you have some of the ingredients already prepped.

This works really well with getting grains set for the week, beans cooked and ready to go, the little extras like garlic, onions, and peppers already chopped.

If you don’t have to do heavy prep the day you are cooking your meal but set aside a little time early in the week to get the ingredients ready, then you are more likely to stick to your meal plan and not eat like you are in a food slump.

Read a cookbook

Yeah, I do this when I am in a food slump. I especially like the cookbooks that have a lot of pictures. Sometimes all it takes is to see some well-prepared meals to get me back into the game.

I have some cookbooks that I often turn to when I really need a good push. These are ones that have amazing pictures, look super complicated to make, but are really just well thought out meals.

Some of the cookbooks I turn to are:

You can always get on Pinterest too. Here is a link to my board that I save tons of inspiring meals pins to. Sometimes all it takes is just to start looking.

Go out to dinner

If I am in a food slump and nothing else is working, I find going out to dinner will at least get me a decent meal that night.

I usually try to pick something off the menu that I wouldn’t normally make at home. Either its too difficult for me to make or I just don’t want to put in all the effort. Besides, it always tastes better when someone else prepares your food for you.

If I am in a food slump, I will go to a restaurant that I don’t normally go to. Not only am I trying something new, but I am getting out of my comfort zone. The comfort zone is super dangerous if you are in a food slump. It’s a safe place where you can go on eating cereal every night for dinner and we all have been there.


I hope these tips have helped you to get out of a food slump and keep your meals exciting. If you are going to stick with a healthy meal plan, then it’s important to still enjoy what you are eating and not get set on eating the same meals every day of the week.

If you have a tried and true method to keep your meals exciting, share it in the comments below.