I often get asked the same questions as a vegan. They may range in subject, but they always come back to the same questions. I call them commonly asked vegan questions.

If you are vegan, you have probably heard these too. If you are becoming vegan, you may need to read on to know how to answer these commonly asked vegan questions.

How to answer these commonly asked vegan questions

At points, you are not going to want to answer one more time where your protein comes from and at times you are going to give such a lengthy answer that the person probably forgot what they asked in the first place.

I have found that the best way to answer these commonly asked vegan questions is to be honest and give a thoughtful response. Yes, it may be annoying, but these questions are coming out of a place of genuine curiosity. You may not realize it, but the way you answer their questions may color the way they look at veganism altogether.

I always try to take the kind approach. I don’t finger point and I don’t bring the other person down if they still eat animal products.

Maybe your kind and thoughtful answers will be the thing that gets them to try veganism.

Here are some of the answers I give to commonly asked vegan questions.

Where do you get your protein?

Quick answer: From food. Plant-based foods have a ton of protein.

Thoughtful answer: Plant-based foods have more protein than you probably realize. Foods that have a lot of protein are soybeans, lentils, beans, nuts, and seeds. Veggies also have a good amount of protein. It isn’t hard to get the recommended daily dose of protein if I am eating a varied plant-based diet.

Aren’t you always hungry?

Quick answer: No, I tend to be fine if I eat regularly.

Thoughtful answer: Plant-based foods do tend to have fewer calories than their animal product counterparts, but it isn’t hard to meet my caloric needs. I tend to eat more meals a day than those who eat meat, so I am just spreading my calorie needs over shorter periods of time. There are foods that are going to keep you full for longer on a plant-based diet like beans, nuts, and healthy fats.

What do you eat though?

Quick answer: Food like beans, veggies, fruit, whatever I am in the mood for as long as it doesn’t contain animal products.

Thoughtful answer: I don’t really eat much different than someone who eats meat, but with much more veggies involved. I love to eat tacos, but I use beans instead of meat. I also am great at taking recipes that weren’t vegan and change them up to something I am comfortable eating. I tend to like to stick with unprocessed foods and keep my ingredients as close to nature as possible. I will eat a lot of veggie bowls, soups, and add beans to anything that needs some extra protein.

Why did you choose to be vegan?

Quick answer: My ethics wouldn’t allow it.

Thoughtful answer: I realized that I couldn’t contribute to the suffering that animals go through when they are raised as food. I have seen the conditions they are raised in and cannot support a system that will overlook the inhumane way we treat living breathing sentient beings. We no longer raise our food in the way they were 75 years ago and the demand for more and more meat has made it impossible to ever go back to family farms and the rise of more factory farms means even more suffering.

Do you miss eating meat?

Quick answer: No.

Thoughtful answer: Not really. Over time you forget what meat tasted like and your taste buds change to your new way of eating. I no longer ever consider wanting to eat meat and sometimes the smell can make me nauseous. There isn’t a meal that I would willingly give up my beliefs for. It isn’t worth it to me and I feel so much better without meat in my system.

But how can you not eat cheese?

Quick answer: It’s easy once you see where cheese comes from.

Thoughtful answer: Once you have been off of cheese for a month, it no longer has that overwhelming pull to eat it. I actually have the opposite attraction to cheese. I thought about what I was eating and it seemed wrong. We are not designed to consume another mammals milk. I feel bad if I ever was to eat it again because I know that I am stealing a baby’s milk supply and I know that the mother and child will be forever separated so that I could have some cheese.

You eat fish though right?

Quick answer: No.

Thoughtful answer: Some people don’t consider fish a meat, but to me, it is still a sentient creature that was killed for a meal. I wouldn’t eat fish any more than I would eat a hamburger.

Where do you get all your nutrients?

Quick answer: The same way that you do, through diet and supplements.

Thoughtful answer: No diet is exactly perfect. What I can’t get through my diet I will get by taking a vitamin supplement. There are a few vitamins and minerals that are hard to get out of a vegan diet like vitamin B12, zinc, and omega 3’s. For those, I take a multivitamin and that seems to be working fine.

Don’t you feel weak on a vegan diet?

Quick answer: No, some of the strongest animals in the world strictly eat plants.

Thoughtful answer: I actually feel way better on a vegan diet. I have more energy, I don’t get a foggy brain, and I don’t have as many digestive issues. Plants are my fuel source and I easily get through everything I need to accomplish and still have energy after work.

Isn’t it boring to eat vegan?

Quick answer: No, I tend to eat more varied foods as a vegan.

Thoughtful answer: I actually eat so many more foods than I did when I ate meat. I tended to stick with foods I knew back then but now when I see a tasty looking recipe or find a new vegan food at the store, I get super excited to try it. I find its more fun to prepare dishes because I don’t just make my meals center around meat but create a whole diverse meal.

Isn’t it expensive?

Quick answer: Only if you eat a ton of processed vegan food.

Thoughtful answer: I actually find that I don’t spend as much since I stick with plant-based foods. A pound of broccoli is much cheaper than a pound of beef and it goes a long way. I try not to eat processed foods which tend to be the ones that are the most expensive. I eat a lot of beans which are super cheap. Sometimes veggies can be more expensive if you are eating out of season, but I really don’t spend much on groceries at all.

Isn’t is natural to eat meat? We have for so long.

Quick answer: Our bodies are not designed to eat meat.

Thoughtful answer: Sometimes we fall into these traps of well we have always done it so let’s keep doing it. Just because cavemen ate meat doesn’t mean it is good for us. They didn’t have the scientific knowledge of the human body that we do today. We know that we need to rely more on plant-based food sources than any other. The way our digestive systems are set up is much different than a carnivore. We have long digestive tracts while natural meat eaters have shorter tracts. We also don’t have claws and razor-sharp teeth. Our hands are perfect for picking plants and our teeth are great for grinding, not tearing.

Do you find it hard to be vegan?

Quick answer: Not really.

Thoughtful answer: Sometimes it can be difficult since the majority of the population is still meat eaters, but it gets easier every year. More and more people are embracing eating more plants and the demand has supplied more vegan options at restaurants and grocery stores. I usually can find something great to eat without sacrificing my ethics.


What questions do you have about veganism? Comment below and I will be sure to answer them.