10 tips to stay vegan while on a budget

How to be vegan on a budget

Is it possible to be vegan on a budget? One of the common misconceptions about going vegan is that it’s too expensive. I have definitely been in the same place. I would go grocery shopping, thinking I am doing really well. I picked out at the right foods, my shopping cart is brimming full of […] Read more…

How to finally quit dairy for good

Quitting dairy for good

Have you been considering ditching the dairy? Many people contemplate quitting dairy, but they don’t always know how or even why they need to. For me, quitting dairy was a choice between constantly being uncomfortable, bloated, covered in rashes, and all around nauseous or finally enjoying my life again. That may sound dramatic, but I […] Read more…

Being vegan is more than just what you call yourself. To me, being vegan is about making the right choices for you and the path you want to lead.

Why I call myself vegan

Recently, I had someone ask me why I use the term vegan or why I call myself vegan. They felt as if calling yourself vegan was not being inclusive of all diet paths.  I have never used the term vegan as a way to make myself feel superior to others or as a way to […] Read more…

Are you looking to lose weight? A vegan diet might be the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight.

How to lose weight on a vegan diet

Can being vegan help you lose weight? Have you tried every diet under the sun and nothing has worked or given you long lasting results? Eating vegan isn’t necessarily about weight loss, but it is an awesome side benefit. Vegans tend to be slimmer, stay slimmer, and suffer from far fewer diseases and issues as […] Read more…

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