How to be vegan in 21 days!

Your step by step guide to be a happy healthy vegan the easy way.

Hi, I’m Brandi, the voice behind the broccoli chick.

I started on my vegan journey because I didn’t want to be a cause of another animals suffering. Along the way, I learned about plant-based nutrition and fell in love with using food to nourish my body while being kind to all living creatures. I am now over 10 years into my vegan journey.

I started the broccoli chick as a way of sharing what I learned along the way and to help those who are interested in the vegan lifestyle. 

I love helping others achieve their dreams of being happy healthy vegans. 

Recent Posts:

How to be vegan on a budget

Is it possible to be vegan on a budget? One of the common misconceptions about going vegan is that it's too expensive. I have definitely been in the same place. I would go grocery shopping, thinking I am doing really well. I picked out at the right foods, my shopping...

Quitting dairy for good

Have you been considering ditching the dairy? Many people contemplate quitting dairy, but they don't always know how or even why they need to. For me, quitting dairy was a choice between constantly being uncomfortable, bloated, covered in rashes, and all around...

Why I call myself vegan

Recently, I had someone ask me why I use the term vegan or why I call myself vegan. They felt as if calling yourself vegan was not being inclusive of all diet paths.  I have never used the term vegan as a way to make myself feel superior to others or as a way to put...

How An Alkalizing Diet Can Improve Your Health

What are alkalizing foods and are they that important to our health?   You have probably heard about alkaline foods and the alkalizing diet often over the last few months. The alkalizing diet takes a different approach to our health than most that I have looked at....

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